The Modular Explanation

by Narcoleptica

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released September 3, 2009




Narcoleptica Madrid, Spain

= Beatriz Vaca making noise. Experimentation + mixing sound sources (traditional instruments and VST, programming, phonography and voice) + Live-Looping = a sonic layering experience> sound spaces to inhabit> intense, evocative and emotional atmospheres//where the listener can choose to follow one or another vanishing point.
Live performance is her best expression.
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Track Name: ceilingeyes
Why can't I be the first?
Why can't I be the first?
While time is against me
Your skin won't be a dress
For me
For me.
Track Name: meantime
I don't want to be right.
It would mean I'm all wrong.
I just want to feel alive
Although it means I'm alone.

Just call me sometime.
Please, call me sometime.
Track Name: never happy
Who knows the future?
You'll be living with strangers,
Dating someone that
You'll later hate.

I've been a long time
Remembering how all my lovers
Have found someone
Better than me.

Instead of watching
Why don't you act?

I don't think there's a
Meaning for everything;
There're just some reasons
That never fit.

I'll never be happy
Although I have all I want
Because all I wanted
And never got
Is in me
Is in me
Is in me
Is in me.
Track Name: howho
How to make that everything change and to feel that the one
Who says where to go is me.
After all, everything is past.
Track Name: unbreather, the path
Words are my unshowed tears,
Lost child reaches no family,
No kiss moves untouching lips:
Needless body.

Emptying my every feeling.
Past is like a broken mirror:
Millions of little pieces
Cutting my heart.